Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of our most common frequently asked questions regarding the Agewell Program. If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact us at 207-396-6578 for more information.

What program is right for me?

We often find that people start with one program and find it so valuable that they go on to try other programs as well.  However, we can offer some tips to point you in the right direction to get started.  Two questions we encourage people to consider when looking at our classes are: What’s your current activity level? and How much time are you willing to invest?

  • A Matter of Balance is a blend of group discussion and a gentle seated/standing exercise program.  If you haven’t been very active, or have significant concerns about your balance and falls this may be the best place to start.   Meets for 2 hours 1x/week for 8 weeks or 2x/week for 4 weeks.
  • Tai Chi for Health and Balance is a more traditional exercise class, and is a full hour of movement, although the movements are slow, gentle, and non-strenuous.  The movements can be adapted to be done seated and we always have chairs available.   Introduction workshops meet for 1 hour 2x/week for 11 weeks.
  • Healthy Steps for Older Adults combines both education and movement, and is a great option if you’re short on time or transportation is a barrier, since the program is just one day.  One day 5-hour workshop.


Do I have to come to every class?

For most of our classes each session builds on the last so the more classes you attend the more you will get out of the program.  Although we understand that a medical appointment or other conflict may interfere from time to time, we encourage participants to attend as many classes as possible.


I’m doing PT at the moment, can I still participate?

We always encourage our participants to talk with their doctors and other healthcare providers about any questions they have related to their health conditions and how it will impact participation in physical activity.  However, if you’ve been cleared by your doctor or PT to participate, these community-based programs are a wonderful way to get into a routine of maintaining your physical activity and wellness.  These programs are not meant to replace skilled therapy, but can be a positive complement whether you take a program at the same time as your PT treatment or start a class after you’re discharged.


Can I bring my oxygen?

We always encourage our participants to talk with their doctors about any questions they have related to their health conditions and how it will impact participation in physical activity.  However, if you’ve been cleared by your doctor, any accommodations you need to safety participate are welcome.


Are there chairs available during tai chi?

Chairs are always made available during our tai chi classes.  Some students choose to sit down during part or all of the class, or you can use a chair as a balancing aid during standing activities.  Any part of the tai chi program can be adapted to be performed from a chair.


Can I only come to tai chi one time each week?

Our tai chi program meets two times each week.  As with all of our programs we encourage participants to come to as many classes as possible.  If you are a first time student, only attending once each week might make it difficult to get the most out of the program.


Is A Matter of Balance (AMOB) 2 hours of exercise?

Although each AMOB class is 2 hours long, we never do 2 hours of exercise all at once!  We start the exercises on the 3rd session, and each time we do the exercises it about 30 minutes of physical activity.  The rest of the class includes group discussion, interactive activities, and a few minutes of break/snacks.


Why is the Healthy Steps for Older Adults (HSOA) program such a long day?

HSOA is a one day program that covers many of the basics of falls prevention and exercise.  Although it looks like a long day, many people are surprised by how quickly it goes by!  By offering the program in one day, we’re trying to eliminate some of the challenges we know people face with some of our multi-session programs like transportation, especially for those living in more rural areas.  Because we know the program is a long day, we’ll always offer a complementary lunch, and a couple of breaks along the way to help break things up!


How much do the programs cost?

The cost of our programs varies based on the workshop, and the sponsor.  Some are offered at no cost to participants, and some have a suggested donation.  Where requested, your contribution is appreciated and important for keeping these programs regularly available in your community!  Please visit each program page and our listing of current workshops for pricing.


Can I come observe a class?

Observing a class is a great way to get a sense of whether a program is a good fit for you.  However, some of our classes are established and closed groups, so we ask that you call our office to make arrangements if you would like to observe.  Please call 207-396-6578.