Falls Prevention at SMAA

Falls are a major concern for older adults. A fall can cause serious injuries requiring costly medical treatment. They can impact a person's quality of life and sometimes, they are even fatal. While falls can be common among older adults - one in three older adults falls each year - they are also largely preventable! By learning to identify and correct the factors that put you at risk for a fall, you can take control and greatly reduce your concerns, fear, and chances of experiencing a fall.

Programming Updates

During this time of COVID-19, some of our Evidence-Based Falls Prevention workshops are not able to be offered for public safety reasons. Plans to return to in-person programming are informed by CDC guidance, and are tentative at this time.

The Agewell Programs at SMAA are currently focusing on providing classes and tools to help nurture wellness. 

  • Stress Management – Learn valuable tools to support your mental and emotional health.
  • Physical Activity – Keeping your body active, strong, and flexible is more important than ever.
  • Social Engagement – Maintaining connections with others is so important to wellbeing and health.

Some of our virtual programming includes: Guided Relaxation, Gentle Exercise, gentle Yoga classes, Tai Chi for Health and Balance, discussion/social groups, Zoom tutorials, educational presentations of special topics, and more!  For a current list of programming and register visit the Agewell Schedule of Classes.

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The Center for Agewell Programs at Southern Maine Agency on Aging (SMAA) offers nationally recognized, evidence-based workshops, and balance and strength screening events to help older adults maintain healthy, active lifestyles free from falls and falls-related injuries. We offer: Healthy Steps for Older Adults, A Matter of Balance, Tai Chi for Health and Balance, and Balance and Strength Screenings.

Which Program is Right for You?

People commonly participate in more than one program, but knowing where to start is important. Read about each program below to see which program(s) is the best fit for you, view a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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Healthy Steps for Older Adults

An action-oriented program that includes balance screening, an exercise program and action planning.

A quick overview of falls prevention, factors that impact your fall risk, and finding solutions to reduce the risk of a fall in a one-day workshop.


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A Matter of Balance

A comprehensive and in-depth look at fall prevention, including engagement in exercise, home safety, getting up from a fall, and self-advocacy.

A social and discussion-based class with the goal of learning from fellow participants.


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Tai Chi for Health and Balance

A more traditional physical activity program, which incorporates low-impact and mindful movement.

Helps to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.


Balance and Strength Screenings

SMAA collaborates with a wide array of community partners and the Maine Falls Prevention Coalition to offer balance and strength screenings. We do no provide in-home falls risk screenings. Please see our calendar for a schedule of balance and strength screenings.

Balance and strength screenings help identify issues that increase the risk of a fall through physical balance tests, pharmacy consultations to review medications, and education and resources based on screening results.