Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Adult Day Prgrams. If you don't see your question below, do not hesitate to contact us online, email Marilyn Durgin (, Center's Program Coordinator, or call us at 207-396-6508.

Q: What are the benefits of socialization at an Adult Day Program for individuals living with memory loss?

A: The latest research suggests people with cognitive loss who regularly engage in social interaction maintain their brain vitality. Close personal relationships stimulate the brain, thus, effectively slowing down the memory loss process and combating depression and isolation.

Q: When should I consider an Adult Day Center?

A: Many of our members are in the mild to moderate state of memory loss. Supports like the Sam L. Cohen Adult Day Center enable caregivers to have reliable options for respite immediately. It gives the person with dementia an opportunity to develop a routine and make connections. The sooner your loved one can start, the longer they will receive the benefits of our active and enriching programming.

Q: What does a person do at an Adult Day Center?

A: Members are recognized as unique individuals. Person-centered activities are suggested based on their personal interest and abilities. There are several group and individual activities for members to choose from at any given time during their day. Activities include art, entertainment, gardening, exercise, and music - just to name a few!

Q: How do I encourage my loved one to try the Adult Day Center?

A: Focus on the positive social interaction. For our members at the Center this is “their club.” Members make new friends, engage in old hobbies, and try new ones. The day is filled with laughter, joy, and the comfort of well-trained staff and friends.

Q: Does my loved one have to have a cognitive impairment or memory loss to attend?

A: The Sam L. Cohen Adult Day Center serves people with a wide array of abilities and diagnoses. We promote socialization and encourage people to come to combat isolation and inactivity, regardless of their diagnoses.

Q: What are the benefits of a trial visit?

A: A trial visit is 3 hours long and gives us a chance to get to know the prospective member. This will help us better gauge if the Center will be a good fit for your loved one. A trial visit also gives the prospective member a chance to experience the Center on their own. For many this can relieve the anxiety some people have about attending a Day Center. The trial visit is FREE!

Q: What happens if the Center is not a good fit for my loved one?

A: There are some occasions when the Adult Day Center is not a good fit for an individual - if they exhibit hard-to-manage behaviors or require constant one-on-one care, for example. SMAA's Family Caregiver Support Program with provide you with resources and education to help you in your caregiving journey. Please call 1-800-427-7411 and ask to speak with a Family Caregiver Support Specialist. Alternatively, you can email

Q: We're ready for a trial visit. What's next?

A: In order to setup your complimentary trial visit, please contact our Program Coordinator: Marilyn Durgin, (207) 396-6508 or email her at