Money Minders

Are you a senior finding yourself in the position of being a first-time bill payer? Are you worried that your bills might not get paid on time? Would you like some help sorting through the bills that come in every month and setting up a budget?

SMAA’s Money Minders Program matches trained and bonded volunteers with clients who need help organizing their financial resources. Volunteers and clients work together in the client’s home to sort bills, make payments, keep checkbooks balanced and make sure that no late payments or overdraft fees are incurred.

For mid-to-low income seniors (ages 55 and over), Money Minders volunteers make a real difference in helping people continue to live independently, without the fear of losing control of their finances.

Meet Some of Our Volunteers

Terry has been a Money Minders volunteer for nine and a half years, and one thing he has learned is how challenging it is for people to live on a fixed income. “All aspects of their lives are a challenge,” he says, “transportation, health care, food – everything. When I leave my client, I know that she is on an even keel; she knows exactly how much money she has available, and she doesn’t have to worry about it.”

“I’ve gotten to know my client really well,” says Marianne, “and I enjoy the time we spend together. We chat about all kinds of things – my client has had a fascinating life.”

Dan calls himself “the eyes and ears” for his client because he can see and explain things to her that she might not otherwise be aware of. “She is a dear person,” he says. “She clearly both needs and appreciates the help, and I feel very committed to helping her.”

For More Information

To talk to someone about the Money Minders Program, and to find out whether you are eligible for this free program, please call our main number, 1-800-427-7411, and ask to speak to a Resource Specialist. They will tell you more about the program and ask some basic eligibility questions.

Money Minders might be just what you need!