Resources for Current Volunteers

Find your passion. Become a volunteer.

In 2021, 600+ volunteers donated 24,718 hours of service or the equivalent of $631,792. ($25.56/hr based on Independent Sector 2020 report for volunteers in Maine) 

Volunteer hours make up 10% of all hours of service logged by both SMAA staff and volunteers. Thank you for your service!

Log Your Volunteer Hours

Log your volunteer hours easily online. Loging your volunteer hours is important to the success of our volunteer program. There are many grants that will provide matching funds for our programs based off of logged volunteer hours.

To log your volunteer hours, please visit this web-link or you may use the "Log Your Volunteer Hours" link under Additional Resources. Your username is your first and last name with no spaces, for example: marysmith. Your password the first time you login is: volunteer (case sensitive). You will be asked to change your password once you login.

When entering your hours please round up to the next half-hour - no minutes needed. Please include the time you have driven to and from the volunteer work-site.

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking to add or change your volunteer role? View our current volunteer opportunities in York and Cumberland counties.

Volunteer Dementia Basics Training (Optional)

Looking for a refresher on your Dementia Basics Training? Our online dementia basics training is available 24/7.

Volunteer Policies and Handbook

Digital versions of all of our volunteer policies and the volunteer handbook are available online.