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Volunteer Services

Find your passion. Become a volunteer.

Today's volunteers are serving in new ways, setting their own hours, leading their own projects, and applying the experience they've developed over a lifetime to help make the world a better place. While putting their professional, technical, and personal skills to work to benefit others, SMAA's volunteers enrich their own lives as well. Tutoring a young child, renovating a park, delivering a meal to a homebound elder, or visiting a veteran can change lives - including those of the volunteers whose efforts bring comfort and joy to others.

We at Volunteer Services can help you choose from a variety of interesting and worthwhile volunteer jobs and opportunities. We'll guide you to a position that matches your interests and skills and help you figure out how you really want to spend your time. Volunteering can take you to places you've never been and lead you to new friends or even a new career. What better way to find your passion!

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