A Matter of Balance

Many older adults experience concerns about falling that lead to restriction of their activities, but falling does not need to be accepted as a natural part of aging. Falls can be prevented through education and planning. There are many things you can do to help decrease the risk of falls and maintain your independence, and evidence-based falls prevention programs like A Matter of Balance can help. The program is offered either virtually or in-person.

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Program Description

a group of adults of all ages performing seated exercisesA Matter of Balance is a nationally recognized evidence-based program designed to reduce concerns about falling and encourage physical activity.

Participants learn to:

  • View falls as something they can control
  • Set goals and increase their activity levels
  • Make changes around the home to reduce fall risks
  • Exercise to increase strength and balance
  • Become proactive self-managers in reducing risk for falls

A Matter of Balance can help you if:

  • You have fallen in the past or are concerned about falling
  • You don't do some things you enjoy because you are afraid you might fall
  • You would like to be more flexible, stronger, and have better balance

Learn more about how one woman took back control of her life by taking this powerful program.

Program Structure

A Matter of Balance program is approved for both in-person and virtual options. The program is conducted over eight sessions, meeting once or twice a week for two hours per session. A Matter of Balance is a discussion-based program designed to facilitate problem-solving and brainstorming to reduce the risk of falling, and empowers you to find solutions that fit your lifestyle. A balance and strength exercise program is part of the workshop and begins during the third session.

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The Center for Agewell Programs at Southern Maine Agency on Aging is a licensed provider for A Matter of Balance through MaineHealth's Partnership for Healthy Aging. A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls Volunteer Lay Leader Model © 2006. This program is based on Fear of Falling: A Matter of Balance. Copyright © 1999, Trustees of Boston University. All rights reserved. Used and adapted by permission of Boston University.