Volunteer Orientation and Training

Welcome to your new role with Southern Maine Agency on Aging.

Our volunteer orientation consists of five parts:

  • A volunteer welcome packet
  • Our orientation video
  • Our online training
  • A volunteer quiz
  • Dementia Awareness Training

Volunteer Welcome Packet

You will receive your Volunteer Welcome Packet in the mail or in person after you have:

  • Completed a volunteer enrollment form
  • Interviewed with SMAA Volunteer Services
  • Provided references
  • Interviewed with your volunteer position supervisor
  • Passed a criminal background check

Volunteer Orientation Video

Volunteer Training

Please view our online presentation that will help educate volunteers about SMAA programs and services. The recommended format for viewing is the PowerPoint presentation. If you are unable to access the PowerPoint Presentation, please use the PDF version.

Volunteer Quiz

Please click on this link to take this brief volunteer quiz and test your knowledge of SMAA programs and services.

Dementia Awareness Training

As part of our goal of improving dementia awareness and increase capabilities for our volunteers, volunteers must complete the "Dementia Basics Training" as part of their volunteer role. 

Click on this link to begin the "Dementia Basics" Training. When you have finished this training, please complete the post-training survey by clicking on this link.