Our leadership team is a diverse group of professionals who bring a variety of talents, experiences, and expertise to the governance of the Southern Maine Agency on Aging.

Leadership Team

Megan Walton, Chief Executive Officer
Renee Longarini, Interim Deputy Director
Meg Callan, Chief Financial Officer
Dan Knox, Director of Program Impact and Evaluation

Management Team

Meredith Anderson, Community Outreach Director
Ashley Perrone, Healthy Living Director
Mary Hadlock, RSVP/Volunteer Services Director
Kathy Heggeman, Operations Manager

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Julie Mascari, President
Steve Braverman, Vice President
Anne Dalton, Secretary
Robert Hunter, Treasurer
Donna Brassard
Jim Clark
Denise Doyon
Linda S. Durst, M.D.
Ann Hastings
John Holland
Susan Keiler
Mary Jane Krebs
Nancy C. Koglmeier
Erin Lally
Carl Toney, P.A.
Alfredo Vergara, PhD

2022-2023 Advisory Council

William "Bill" Hall, Chair
Candice Simeoni, Vice Chair
Lisa Becker
Shawna DellaMonica
Don Harden
Sheriff William King
Ann Milliard
Tara Paradie
Beverly Soule
Terry Bagley