Request a Speaker

Southern Maine Agency on Aging is committed to raising awareness of the critical services, resources, and information we offer to empower older adults, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers to live to their fullest potential. We believe that we can better achieve our mission through collaborative relationships with organizations and groups who share in serving the communities of southern Maine.

If you would like to request a SMAA speaker, please review our policies, menu of topics, and complete the form below.

The Southern Maine Agency on Aging’s Older Americans Act funding focuses our services on reaching the older adults in our communities with the greatest need. The term “greatest social need’’ refers to need caused by non-economic factors, which include physical and mental disabilities, language barriers, and cultural, social, or geographical isolation, including isolation caused by racial or ethnic status (National Center on Law and Elder Rights).  Speaker requests that further our impact within these communities will be our first priority, and additional requests will be accommodated as we are able.

To best accommodate requests, we ask that speaker requests are submitted with at least 6-8 weeks advance notice. We can consider requests made in shorter timeframes.

Pay It Forward Suggested Donation: $250-$500

Thank you for making a donation in support of our programs and services. We encourage for-profit organizations to "pay it forward" by donating at the high end of the scale - your generosity makes programs possible for organizations serving our most vulnerable communities with limited resources.