Ultimate Winter Survival Checklist

by Michele Grivois, Community Services Program Manager

 I have enough heating oil/I will order very soon (there may be financial programs you are eligible if you need assistance)

 I have my heating equipment checked (Chimney cleaned, furnace serviced)

 I have snow shovels handy

 I have sand or rock salt for deicing

 I have arranged snow plowing. (If you do not have somebody to plow, ask your neighbors or check bulletin boards in the store)

 My snow blower works and I have extra gas

 My generator works and I know how to operate it safely

 I have extra batteries, non-perishable food, and water in case of power outage

 I know where the flashlights are and I have radio that works with batteries

 My gutters are clean and my home is ready for cold weather

 I have tested my fire alarms

 I have a friend who will check on me during storms or power outages

 I have the numbers for family, supports, CMP, and local warming station easily accessible

* Your town may offer sand (check with the town hall or public works)
* SMAA does not provide a list of snow plow drivers. It is encouraged to reach out to your neighbors, who do they use? Is it possible the plow driver will offer a discount or have availability since the houses are next to each other? Check the bulletin boards at your local stores. Word of mouth.
* Generator Safety Tips: https://www.energy.gov/ceser/activities/energy-security/emergency-preparedness/using-portableemergency-generators-safely 

If you need fuel assistance or ensuring your home is safe and comfortable for the long Maine winter, please call us at 1-800-427-7411 and we will connect you with the right resources