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Maine Senior Games - Awards and Recognition

Maine Senior Games would like to acknowledge all of the athletes, volunteers, and supporters who help make Maine Senior Games successful. We would like to honor and acknowledged those individuals who have gone above and beyond in their athleticism and support for the games.

Maine Senior Games / Martin's Point Celebration of Athletes

May 29th, at the Fireside Inn in Portland, 100 athletes, volunteers and guests gathered for the Maine Senior Games/Martin’s Point Celebration of Athletes. Maine Senior Games Honorary Chair, Senator Rebecca Millett was on hand to welcome everyone. It was a sendoff to the 85 athletes and coaches going to the National Senior Games, presentation of awards and the first ever inductees into the Maine Senior Games Hall of Fame

Volunteer of the Year
2017 - Beverly MacLean & Gloria Perry
2016 - Dot Lee
2015 - Ann Babbit
2014 - Claudia Lackee

Female Athlete of the Year
2017 - Betty Moberg
2016 - Gloria Miro
2015 - Kim Coombs
2014 - Linda Hunt

Male Athlete of the Year
2017 - Bob Randall
2016 - Frank Arsenault
2015 - Paul Hawkes
2014 - Joel Stinson

Martin's Point Medallion Award

This award honors individuals who inspire and motivate others to strive for their best personal health. 2014 was the inaugural year for this inspirational award, which will be given annually to the person most influential in the health journeys of Maine Senior Games athletes.

2017 - Rocky Clark
2016 - Jerry LeVasseur 
2015 - Deb Smith
2014 - Jo Dill 

National Senior Games Personal Best Award

There's a new definition of "personal best" that anyone can achieve. It's not about a peak time or distance in sports. It's about overcoming obstacles, surviving challenges, and staying motivated throughout your life. This results in greater longevity and a health, active lifestyle - and that is your Personal Best!

In 2014, Maine athlete, Jerry LeVasseur was selected as a Personal Best Athlete. Jerry has overcome a tragedy in his youth and many challenges throughout his life. His outlook and positivity are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations Jerry! - read more.