For further information regarding this training, please contact:

Staff Members - Liz Weaver
(207) 396-6578

Volunteers - Carol Rancourt
(207) 396-6547


Dementia Basics Training is a 4-part, 30 minute training that will provide participants with a better understanding of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias, how to improve communication with someone with the disease, and how to obtain help.

Part 1 - Introduction

When you have completed viewing the introduction (Part 1), please move on to "What is Dementia?" by Teepa Snow, one of the nation's leading educators on dementia.

Part 2 - What is Dementia?

When you have completed viewing "What is Dementia? (Part 2), please move on to "Communication Strategies" by Peter Baker of the Alzheimer's Association, Maine Chapter.

Part 3 - Communication Strategies

When you have completed viewing "Communication Strategies" (Part 3), please move on to "Finding Help".

Part 4 - Finding Help

Please note that video shows internal procedures for staff. The link shown is not available to volunteers; however, volunteers can make a referral by calling SMAA’s main number (207) 396-6500 or by calling their volunteer program coordinator.

Resources - You may easily access further resources by using the link on the left side of the page or by following this link.


Thanks to our presenters, Liz Weaver and Peter Baker, and to Senior Helpers for granting permission to use the Teepa Snow video, to Jess LeBlanc for her technical expertise and patience, and to Becca Wilson for coordinating this project.