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Tips to Protect You from
Medicare Theft or Fraud

  • Protect your Medicare card just as you do your credit cards.
  • Use a calendar to keep track of your health care appointments and the purpose of each health care visit.
  • Compare Medicare notices or statement against your calendar to make sure they are consistent. Also, confirm that you really received the services indicated in the Medicare notice.
  • Never give out your Medicare number over the phone or to receive something "FREE."
  • If you have questions about Medicare call, 1-877-Elders-1 (1-877-353-3771).

Why check your Medicare statements?

Each year Medicare Part A, (National Heritage Insurance Company) the carrier for Part A Medicare in Maine, receives more than 500 complaints from Medicare beneficiaries. The savings recouped from these calls averages $50,000 every year. Sometimes, despite billing Medicare, the money is never sent to the beneficiary or a doctor’s office or other provider bills incorrectly. It is important to catch errors on your statements. In the long run, we all have the responsibility to help reduce errors, fraud, waste and abuse of benefits and to get money owed to us.


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