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Advertise with Senior News

Senior News is a free news tabloid for older adults and their families.

Senior News is published six times a year: January, March, May, July, September, and November, and can be picked up on various newsstands in York and Cumberland counties or mailed directly to readers.

Advertising Opportunities
Senior News is a targeted publication for marketing your business to adults ages 50+ and their families. Our current circulation is 27,000 along with the ability to read current and previous issues online.

We have a wide variety of ad sizes, from 1/16 of a page to a full-page with premium placement, as well as the opportunity for black and white or full color ads, ensuring that we have the right option for your company or organization. Additionally, new advertisers receive 20% off our aleady competitive rates. View our current Advertising Rate Sheet or contact us for more details.

Web Sponsorship Opportunities
As a value-added service to advertisers who agree to a 6-issue commitment, we are offering a free web sponsorship opportunity. Your logo will be displayed in the Senior News section of our website and will provide a link to your website.

Advertorials are a great way to include editorial content along with your advertisement opportunity. Advertorials have a word limit of 400 words and will include a courtesy byline of author's name, title, affiliation, head-shot, contact information, and business logo. The finished size of the article is generally 14" high by one column wide, 2.3125". Other sizes may be available upon request.

Senior News reserves the right to edit content for language usage, clarity, literacy level, grammar, punctuation, etc. Senior News will not knowingly print inaccurate information and reserves the right to refuse advertorial content and to limit the number of advertorials in each edition. Contact us for more details.

Flyer Insertion
Do you have a special insert that you'd like to include in an upcoming issue? Please contact us for details and rates.

A disclaimer of non-endorsement will appear in each issue of Senior News stating that the Southern Maine Agency on Aging, its programs, staff, and volunteers do not necessarily endorse the individuals and businesses represented in Senior News.