Money Minders

Feeling overwhelmed by bills, receiving late notices or fees, or having to pay bills for the first time? Would you like someone to balance your bank statement against your check register?

Money Minders matches well-trained and highly-skilled volunteers with clients who need help getting their monthly bills paid in a timely and accurate manner. Money Minders can reduce the number of overdraft and late-fees incurred, and just as important, bring peace of mind to the program participant.

How Money Minders Help
Volunteers help sort mail, create a basic budget, prepare (but not sign) checks, and balance the check register to the bank statement. Volunteers are carefully screened, insured, and receive pre-service and on-going training opportunities.

Money Minders volunteers do not take control of participant finances or give financial advice. Participants must have the ability to direct the volunteer's work.

Money Minders is a free service for persons 55 and older who have low/moderate income and assets, and meet other program guidelines. Contact us today to learn if you're eligible for Money Minders.