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Know Falls for ME Statewide Falls Prevention Coalition

The vision of the Coalition is to reduce older adult falls, fall-related injuries, and fall-related deaths in the state of Maine.

The Coalition will achieve this vision by building and leveraging an integrated, sustainable fall prevention network.

Proposed Goal & Objectives


To increase the number of older adults who participate in falls assessments/screenings, targeted interventions, exercise programs, and hazard risk reduction activities.


The Coalition will accomplish this goal by:

  • Providing a common forum through quarterly webinars, annual meeting, and monthly newsletters, to address falls and falls prevention programs

  • Sharing best practices with Coalition members and other interested parties

  • Addressing falls prevention at the community level through promotion of resources and programming

  • Fostering trust and communications among Coalition members

Ensuring sustainability of Know Falls for ME through champions and sponsors

Steering Group Members & Organizations


Contact Information

To learn more about the Coalition, please contact Anna Guest, Falls Prevention Project Director at 207-396-6529 or