Independent Housing With Services


The Southern Maine Agency on Aging’s Tenant Services Program offers independent living with support services to help low income seniors remain as independent and autonomous as possible, while enjoying a caring and supportive environment.

Support Services

Residential care coordinators work with both prospective and current residents to assess needed support and services. These assessments are used to develop a personal plan of care. Naturally, re-assessments are conducted periodically to help inform needed changes to a resident’s personal plan of care.

Support services include:

  • Residential Care Coordination. Residential care coordinators help assess and coordinate the needed services of residents. They also provide assistance in determining fee and co-payments for services, coordinate services and monitor and supervise service staff.
  • Homemaker and Personal Care Services.  A variety of homemaking and personal care services are provided to residents, based on need. These services may include help with dressing, bathing and other personal hygiene, meal preparation, banking and shopping, telephone use, light housekeeping and other chores. These services do not include transportation or nursing-level care.
  • Meals. One hot meal is served daily in the community dining room at Larrabee Village. Additional meal services, such as a boxed breakfast delivered the night before, is also available. Menus are planned to accommodate those who are diabetic or who are having dialysis. Residents with particular allergies or other special needs may have to choose from among alternate menu selections.
  • Activities. A variety of regular activities are organized with the assistance of the housing’s residential council. These activities may include beano, movie nights, sewing, knitting and crochet classes, music programs, daily walking groups, etc.

A resident attendant is on duty 24 hours/day, seven days per week at Larrabee Village. The resident attendant helps promote the comfort, safety and independence of the residents and can be called upon for unscheduled assistance with basic household tasks that the resident is unable to accomplish without help. Resident attendants also help with laundry (wash, dry and fold) of residents for whom this assistance is required. Of course, the resident attendant also monitors the building security and responds to crisis calls, acting as a liaison with medical rescue teams as needed.

Housing Locations

Currently, the program includes the following sites:

  • Larrabee Village, Westbrook
  • Franklin Towers, Portland

Eligibility for Independent Housing with Services

To be eligible for independent housing with services, you must be:

  • Age 60 or older and a resident of a Southern Maine Agency on Aging (SMAA)-supported housing site;
  • Not already participating in the Homemaker or Home-Based Care programs;
  • Have liquid assets of less than $50,000 and agree to pay a monthly payment, if required; and,
  • Meet some specific medical and functional requirements as verified by a SMAA service coordinator. These include:
    • Need help with three of these activities: main meal preparation, laundry, housework, or grocery shopping, OR
    • Need help with two of the above plus one of the following: dressing, bathing, bed mobility, transfer, locomotion, or eating, OR
    • Need help with two of the above.

Costs and Availability

The cost of independent housing with services is subsidized by local and state authorities. A residential care coordinator can help determine eligibility for financial assistance.

Call today to determine availability. There is currently no waiting list for support services.



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Call today to determine availability. There is currently no waiting list for support services.

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