2013 Annual Report of Philanthropy

With Gratitude to All of Our Friends

Thank you for your outstanding generosity and commitment to ensuring the independence, and well-being of older adults in southern Maine. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of 2,007 donors who made gifts from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013. You gave over $573,000 in critical operating support, touching the lives of more than 21,000 older adults in Southern Maine.

Total lifetime giving of $1,000,000+
Loraine Merrill

Planned or endowed gifts
Anonymous (2)
M. Clayton Adjutant*
Marjorie E. Allen*
Selma W. Black*
Wallace E. Camp
Murray C. Cott*
Barbara T. Craig
Charles J. de Sieyes MD
Grace Dussault*
Ellen Dutton*
Rebecca D. Greenleaf
Laurence W. Gross
Walter W. Hichens*
M. Rebecca Lemieux*
Loraine Merrill*
Pauline Murray
Roger Newton*
Alan C. Nichols
Norman Nicholson
Violetta Lansdale Otis
Nancy H. Payne*
June Perkins*
William Pizzo
Norman G. Pratt*
Richard Russell*
Mona K. Smith*
Howsie Stewart
Otto Turner*
Martin Womer**

VISIONARIES ($10,000+)
Beim Foundation
Scott M. Black Family Fund
            In Memory of Selma Black
City of Biddeford***
Cumberland County***
Cumberland County Commissioners Office
Diversified Communications
Doree Taylor Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. Trustee
Martin's Point Health Care
Narragansett Number One Foundation
Richard Russell Trust
Walmart Foundation / Meals on Wheels Association of America

Anthem Blue Cross
Brookfield U.S. Foundation, Inc
City of South Portland***
City of Westbrook
Eunice Frye Home Foundation
Harold Dudley Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
Piper Shores
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
South Portland Lions Club
Howsie and Tim Stewart
The Vincent B. and Barbara G. Welch Foundation
Town of Eliot
Town of Scarborough
Town of Waterboro
Town of Wells
Town of York
Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation
Daniel J. Whyte**

Club Finz
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Fisher Charitable Foundation
Lena Madore and Michael MacKay
RBC Foundation – USA
Saco and Biddeford Savings Institution
The Simmons Foundation
Town of Acton
Town of Baldwin
Town of Bridgton
Town of Falmouth
Town of Gray
Town of Hollis
Town of Kennebunk
Town of Lebanon
Town of Limington
Town of Old Orchard Beach
Town of Windham
University of Southern Maine

LEADERS ($1,000+)
In memory of Jesus of Nazareth 2 Cor 10:18
AARP Maine 
Aging Excellence       
Christian Anderson    
   In memory of Jeanette Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bagley**
Liz and Gary Baxter  
The Berman Family    
City of Biddeford      
City of Sanford          
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Cohen      
Chris Corbett and Marion Morgan    
Madeleine Corson      
Elizabeth L. Davis     
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Dressel      
Falmouth Orthopaedic Center           
Female Samaritan Association           
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Glasier and Carolyn M. Tucker
Goodwin Motor Group          
Laurence Gross and Barbara Colby
Linda M. Hanscom    
The Stoddard Family 
Sue and Paul Hitchcox          
Albert A. Howard      
Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation
John and Cornelia Kittredge  
Harry W. Konkel       
Marilyn and Don McDowell  
Senator George J. Mitchell    
Nelson Mead Fund    
Alan C. Nichols         
Norman and Eleanor Nicholson         
PeoplesChoice Credit Union             
Piscataqua Savings Bank       
Portland Provident Association         
Portland-St. Alban Commandery #2
PPG Industries Foundation   
Prouts Neck Association        
Ennio D. Rocchini     
The Redmond Family Foundation     
Thornton Heights Lions Club
Anna Marie and John E. Thron Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Town of Alfred          
Town of Berwick       
Town of Cape Elizabeth        
Town of Cornish        
Town of Kennebunkport       
Town of Lyman         
Town of Naples         
Town of North Yarmouth      
Town of Parsonsfield 
Town of Sebago         
Town of Shapleigh                 
Vitamin Shoppe         
Jim and Tricia Wasserman     
Whitney Retirement Services Group
Eddie Woodin

PARTNERS ($500+)
Anonymous (2)
Alice Abbott  
In honor of Deborah Carr
Ellen Asherman          
   In memory of Adrian Asherman
Bangor Savings Bank
Jackie and Peter Bates           
Deborah D. Carr        
Alan R. Chandler       
Charter Oak Capital Management     
Richard Connolly       
Cumberland County Federal Credit Union   
George Dix    
John Dyhrberg MD    
Anne C. Emidy          
   In memory of Tom Carter
FairPoint Communications    
Falmouth Lions Club 
Marilyn R. Gugliucci**         
Bud Guthrie**           
   In memory of Marion Guthrie
Jere Halligan and Michael Moore      
   In memory of Sidney Halligan
Herbert J. Hanna        
Donald K. Heighe      
Industrial Roofing & Siding Co.                   
Jud Knox**   
L.L. Bean       
Paul and Cindy Laprise         
Maine Association of Area Agencies on Aging        
Maine Community Foundation          
Barbara Miller
John Montembeau      
Owen and Susan O'Donnell  
Harriet and Steve Passerman 
Nancy Payne* Charitable Fund         
Raymond Lions Club 
Deb** and Ian Riddell          
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Scontras       
Sevee & Maher Engineers      
David W. Smith** and Anne Dalton
Mrs. Charles H. Spaulding     
Stockly Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Ina Tibbetts    
Town of Arundel
Town of Buxton        
Town of Dayton        
Town of Freeport       
Town of Kittery         
Town of Limerick      
Town of Yarmouth    
UNUM Provident      
Kim Williams 
   In memory of our family pets
Min Yao

Donna F. Allen          
Jackie L. Allen           
Beverly and Laurence Allen
James G. and Carolyn Birmingham Foundation        
Sharon and Scott Blakeslee   
Carol T. Carlton         
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Caron         
Melanie and Eliot Cutler        
Judy Anne Doyer
In memory of those souls lost at Sandy Hook
First Congregational Church of Scarborough
General Dynamics / Employee Community Action Council - Saco  
Constance D. Goldman
In memory of Robert Goldman
Ken and Nancy Gordon        
Mr. and Mrs. Johann Gouws 
Ed and Barbara Haddad        
Arnold and Susan Harmon    
Kathleen Heggeman  
Merton G. Henry       
Housing Initiatives of New England             
Pamela R. Jones         
Wendy and Larry Kane         
Candace Karu
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Kelley 
Bill Keniston  
Lions Club of Sanford           
Maine Credit Union League  
Patricia A. Mason      
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Mavor 
Moody's Collision Centers
In memory of Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
Ocean Communities Federal Credit Union   
Harold and Claudia Pachios  
John and Denise Palmer         
Bill Pizzo        
Nancy Pleiter-Sadowy
In memory of Andrew Sadowsky
Kate Putnam  
Norman R. Ritter       
Scarborough Lions Club        
Cindy** and Richard Swift  
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor
The Waldron Motor Group LLC  
In memory of Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
Tricorp Federal Credit Union
Tyler Foundation       
United Parish Deacons Fund, Harrison                     
Don and Maude Van Dis       
Elizabeth and Gary Weaver   
Winterhaven Assisted Living Community    
The Zeff Family: Dana, Julie, Asher and Abel
In memory of Sidney Halligan

STEWARDS ($100+)
Anonymous (14)
In memory of Eugene Kelley
21 Club          
Nadine Ahlsen           
Donna A. Albert        
Louisa G. Anderson   
Adele and Dick Aronson       
Arundel Ford 
Joel Austin
   In honor of Jennie Austin
Kathrine and Jack Aydelott
   In honor of David Cole
Robert and Linda Ayotte      
Ann Babbitt MD        
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Ballard          
Camilla and Denny Barantes 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian B. Barlow           
Mrs. Peter C. Barnard
David N. Barry          
Kathleen Barry           
Nancy and Michael Beebe     
Paul and Irene Bellfy 
Dolores L. Bergeron  
Tom and Marjorie Berman     
Patricia A. Beville      
Biddeford's 50 Plus Club      
Kathleen Binette        
Peter and Connie Bingham    
Lorna and Minott Blackmer  
Jean Blanchard           
Richard Blumenthal, Advantage Home Care
Richard Blumenthal   
Richard and Sally Boardman 
John J. Boyd  
Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Brady, Ph.D**       
David and Nancy Brenerman
   In honor of Laurence Gross
Muriel Whyte Britton            
Louise and Bob Brown
   In memory of Rick Hautala
Robert and Judith Brulotte    
Donald C. Burrows    
Rhoda Butler 
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Camp Sr.    
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Carmichael III       
Daniel and Annette Caron     
Lucianna and Robert Carr     
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carson  
William Case  
Judy and David Cavalero      
Dana Clark     
Cathy B. Cohen         
Theresa J. Cole           
Joan Conroy   
Dr. Jonathan C. Cons 
Lindsay and Carol Copeland
   In memory of Paul Tyrus
Dianne C. Cote
   In memory of Buck Cote
Elaine A. Cote           
Richard and Norma Coughlin            
Ernest Cressey           
Cumberland-North Yarmouth Lions Club     
Mary E. Cundari-Kinnear      
Donald G. Curry        
   In honor of Edward Trainer
Mr. Dominic Dalfonso
   In honor of Hazel Dalfonso
Jenna and Sean Daly  
Cheryl and Walter Deegan
   In memory of Sidney Halligan
Mrs. Keith Dennison, Jr.
   In memory of Keith Dennison
Terri Desimio
   In honor of Peter Pugliese
Nancy Dickson          
Joan Ditson-Uchenick
Marylee and Charles Dodge  
Beatrice M. Dorbacker           
Eva M. Downs           
Steven and Jennifer Doxey    
Gail Duffey    
Frederick Emerson     
Frederick C. Emery, Jr.          
Bill and Elyse End     
Mr. and Mrs. David Ertz       
Francis and Edith Farnum     
Hugh and Betsey Farrington 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Feeney         
First Congregational Church of Kittery - Deacons Fund
Belva Fisher   
Lucy A. Flynn
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Bruce D. Folsom and Mary H. Dumas          
Margaret C. Foster
In memory of Margaret Carey
Matthew H. Frank     
Bruce and Janice Fraser         
Carol A. Fredriksen   
John and Monica Freeman     
Kitty Freeman
General Re Life Corporation 
Carmen F. and Angie Genzabella Charitable Foundation
Maurice E. Geoffroy              
Edward and Joyce Gervais    
Mary W. Giftos          
Emma and Warren Gilman    
Roger and Betty Gilmore      
Bill Glasser
Judy Glickman           
Matthew Goldfarb     
Dianne and Bruce Gooley     
Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Gorman          
Cookie C. Grant         
Suzanne and Thomas Gray    
Edward Greenleaf Memorial Award Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Gribbin     
Thomas P. Griffin      
Gunhild Gross
Raymond and Priscilla Guilbeault     
Kathleen Hackett       
Elaine R. Haley          
Ann and Jim Halligan
   In memory of Sidney Halligan
Virginia R. Halligan   
Ricker Hamilton         
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hanning    
Wayne E. Hartford    
Ripon and Jessie Haskell       
Mr. and Mrs.Philip Hatch, III
Liz Havu        
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hawkes  
   In memory of Virgil Hawkes
Evelyn E. Hawkes     
   In memory of Virgil Hawkes
Peter and Judith Haynes        
Eleanor M. Heinze     
Steven and Rachel Hendrickson        
Joseph C. Higgins      
Candace W. Hill        
Gary Hincks   
Mary S. Hockmeyer   
Valerie and Richard Hodgon 
Jean Hoffenkamp       
Rep. George W. Hogan Sr.
   In memory of Faith Hogan
M.C. Hothem D.O., P.A.
   In memory of Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
House of Mercy         
Hunter Howe 
Scott and Audrey Hutchinson           
Eleanore M. Irish       
Georgina M. Irving    
Priscilla Jacques and her children, Jamie, Pam, Brenda, Christina, Wendy, Loree and Edward      
   In memory of Geraldine Roberts
Judy and Tom Jagger 
Harley F. Johnson      
Iva B. Johnson           
Jennifer Johnson        
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson           
Dr. Roger and Linda Kendrick          
Ann Marie Kenney    
Priscilla C. Ketchum*
Robert and Frances Kierstead           
Jane L. King   
Rebecca R. Koerner   
Alice M. Krasowski   
William F. and Ruth Kurtz    
Ruth and Wilfred Lahey        
Russell and Jean Landolt       
Bill and June Langlois           
Richard and Betty Lanoue    
Elizabeth and Edward Larlick
   In memory of Cynthia Rice
Douglas G. Leonard  
Tom and Catherine Leonard
   In memory of Elizabeth Fallon
Darthea Libby
Edith M. Libby          
Jonathan Lieber
   In memory of Edgar “A for Nothing” Spencer      
William and Maureen MacKeil          
Deane and Daniel MacLellan
Trish Macomber
   In honor of all family caregivers
Maine Center for Elder Law, LLC    
Mary Marshall
Trudy Marvin 
Virginia Masters         
Roberta Mathews       
Maria E. Mazorra       
Jim McKenney           
Toby and Carol McLaughlin  
Barbara L. McLellan  
Joann McPhee
   In memory of Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Meadows  
MedCOR Professionals         
Jayne Melcher
Dr. Peter R. Mellin     
John and Antoinette Menario
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Meyer         
Bill and Jennifer Minkowitz  
Linda Mixon  
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Moody, Jr.     
   In memory of Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
Joe Moran      
Julia and Robert Moss           
Bonnie L. Muir          
Peter Lindsay and Katie Murphy      
Murray Family Foundation    
Carmen Nadeau         
Nathaniel C. Nash      
Barbara G. Ney          
Diane S. Nichols        
John and Polly Notis              
Rita and Bill Nugent              
Selma and Royce O'Donal     
Harvey J. Oest           
Ray Oransky  
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Osher
   In memory of Selma Black
Sheila Paine    
Marianne Parandelis   
Karen L. Peterson and the staff at Travelers Insurance Co., Westbrook, ME          
   In memory of Carrie Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Peterson, Jr.           
Barbara and John Pioneau     
   In memory of Sidney Halligan
Horst and Christine Plendl    
Portland Lodge of Elks #188
Linda Pulsifer
Eileen M. Purdy         
Clifford and Joyce Purvis      
Marian Rabe   
   In memory of Sidney Halligan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Ramsey      
Katrina and Robert Randall   
Dr. Daniel Ravin        
Kathleen M. Reed      
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore I. Reese, III 
Carmen T. Rice          
Patricia B. Rice          
Barbara Rich
   In honor of Ray Rich
Diane Ricker
   In memory of Kenneth Ricker
Susi Eggenberger and Doug Rogers  
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ronco Jr.     
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ross          
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Saffer   
Charles and Catherine Sanders          
Rachel P. Saucier       
Harrison and Jane Sawyer     
Nan Sawyer   
Scarborough Community Partnership
Ricki Avant    
Martin and Janet Schorer       
Jim and Lynn Shaffer
H. Patricia Shapazian 
Donald and Susan Sharland  
Barry B. Sharpe         
Frank W. Sheldon      
Lawrence B. Shuler   
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Sibley          
Peggy Siegle  
Barbara Simon           
Colette M. Sirois
   In memory of Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
Sisters of the Precious Blood 
Melvin V. Slack         
Debra J. Smith           
Sally J. Smith 
Donald E. Starr
Frank and Pam Stevenson     
Shirley Stewart          
Joel and Carol Stinson           
Judith T. Stone           
Beverly Stump           
Pamela Sullivan          
Kristin G. Sweeney    
Alphonse E. Tanguay 
Thornton Heights United Methodist Church
Town of New Gloucester      
Town of South Berwick        
Edward Trainer          
Robert and Elsebeth Tripler   
Adrienne Turner         
Sen. Karl W. Turner
John Turrell    
Unity Lodge No. 3 IOOF      
Dorothy Valente        
Ray and Peggy Veroneau      
Volunteers of America, Northern New England
Phyllis and Robert Wagstaff 
Oscar Wangabo          
Wardwell Home for the Aging, Inc.  
Reverend Henry E. Warren   
Harvey and Shirley Weiss      
Clyde Wentworth      
Jeannette Whitten      
Maurice M. and Doris R. Whitten     
Paul W. Austin and Susan DeWitt Wilder    
Margaret and Skip Wilkis      
Brian and Maribeth Williamson         
Margaret and James Wilson   
Norm Wilson  
Martin Womer** and Mary Keefe    
Brenda W. Wyman    
Maryann M. Yannet   
Carrie G. Yardley      
   In memory of James Dewitt
York County Federal Credit Union   
Martha J. Young        
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Young

Anonymous (38)
Harold Aamold                                  
Diana Abbott                                                
Joan K. Abbott                                                
Alfred Abernathy                                            
Anthony K. Adams                                         
Roger and Frances Addor                               
Dianne Agresta                                               
Margaret and Francis A'Hearn                        
Lori and Michael Alberi                                  
Camilla Albert                                                 
Kathryn and John Albert                                
Joyce and Charles Alden                                
Nancy Alexander                                            
In memory of Dorothy “Dot” Cleveland
Theresa Algeni                                                
William and Anne Allaire                               
Harriet L. Allen                                               
Judith Allen                                                     
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Allen                   
Sylvia M. Allen                                               
Thurl and Charlene Allen                                
Nancy T. Allyn                                                
John and Elinor Amee                                     
Julie C. Amergian                                            
Hon. Jane Amero                                            
Grace S. A. Amoroso                                      
Helen Anderson                                              
Nina Anderson                                                
Robert Anderson Jr.                                        
Jane Andrews                                                  
Lucille Andrews                                              
Richard A. Angers and Marion Emmons Angers      
Pamela Anzelc DDS                                       
Stanley and Suecarole Archie                         
Barbara Arsenault                                           
Roger P. Asch                                                 
Richard Aspinall Sr.                                        
Lorette and Michael Athearn                          
Lorraine Atlass                                                
Hazel K. Austin    
Judi and John Austin                                      
Rosemary Austin                                             
Frank Averill and Sharla Cummings               
Michelle and Allan Azzara                              
Helene C. Babbidge                                        
Marie and Stephen Babbidge                          
Douglas H. Bagin                                            
Michael Bagley                                               
Faith Bailey                                                     
Harry B. Bailey
Mary C. Bailey
Katheryn and Timothy Bailey
Andy and Prisclla Baillargeon
Barbara Baisley
Edward Baker
Harlan Baker
Jim and Cindy Baker
Oretta C. Baker
Marla and Skip Baker
David Banks and Marsha Whittier
Richard and Rosalie Barden
Carolyn M. Barker
Joan A. Barnes
Nancy E. Barnes
Stanley Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. BaRoss
Laura W. Barret
Molly H. Barrett
Virginia C. Barrett
Gloria Barter
Jeannine C. Bartlett
Ronald Barton
Arlene M. Batura
Janice S. Bayley
Barbara E. Bean
Aline F. Beauchesne
Rep. and Roger Beaudoin
Sandra L. Beaudoin
Leo and Mildred Beaulieu
Rachel A. Beaulieu
Beaupre Fuels
Linda and Richard Beckwith
Caren S. Beety
Robert L. Belair
Rachel and Norman Belanger
Audrey H. Bell
Robert and Anne Bencks
Joan and Harry Bennert, Jr., MD
Earle F. Bennett
Constance and Ronald Bennett
Tom and Norma Bennett
Kathleen M. Bennie
Andre and Nancy Benoit
Janet Bentz
Janice E. Bergeron
David and Terry Bergson
Rabbi Philip and Nancy Berkowitz
Helen J. Bernard
James and Ethel Bernier
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight W. Berry
Gerard Bertrand
Patricia and Herbert Billett
Jean and Wendell Birch
Ann M. Birkner
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome W. Black
Katlyn Blackstone
Claire P. Blais
Darryl and Sheldon Blais
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Richard and Katharine Blake
Maybelle A. Blanchard
Brenda Blanchette
Simone Blanchette
Dr. Stephen Blattner and Dr. Francine Blattner
Denise and Paul Blomquist
Mary O. Boardman
Raymond and Cynthia Boivin
Chuck Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Boon
Anne May Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Booth
Aaron Boppel
Cherrie and Paul Bortz
Edward G. Bossom
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Botler
Marjorie and Rodney Boucher
Coette and Roger Boucher
Gisele R. Bougie
Sylvia M. Bourget
Paula A. Bove
Katrina J. Bowdish
Michael C. Bowdler
Jim Bowie and Sarah Downs
Bowl Portland, LLC
Cynthia Bowles
Toby Boyd
Pamela A. Boyden
Elizabeth L. Boynton
Lillian L. Brackett
Patricia L. Brandenberger
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Robert H. Brandow
Anthony T. Brannigan
Joseph C. Brannigan
Marilyn H. Brask
Susan and Lawrence Braziel
Drs. Carl and Pat Bredenberg
Jeannette and Roger Breton
Yvonne G. Bretta
Lisa and James Brewer
Bev Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bridgman
Bridgton United Methodist Church
Constance E. Brink
Elana M. Brink
In memory of Rick Hautala
Linda and Stewart Bristol
Sandra Jensen and Samuel Broaddus
Dolores and Merle Broberg
Priscilla and Richard Brobst
Richard and Kimberly Brooks
Barbara and Dennis Brown
Gail Anne Brown
Jerry Brown
Kathie Brown
Mary A. Brown
Rebecca S. Brown
Mildred Bruce
Rozina Brulotte
Claire C. Brunelle
Laurie Brunswick
Dan and Dale Bryant
Thomas and Suzanne Brynes
Ethel Buck
Phyllis Buck
Karen M. Buckingham
Geraldine and Albert Bucklin
Buffleheads Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Buonomo
Deborah M. Burke
Polly B. Burke
David P. Burnell
Donna Burnell
Gloria D. Burnell
Nancy P. Burnell
Sheila and Oscar Burney
Judith Burnham
Ellen Burrill
Barbara A. Busby
Lisa and Scott Bush
Marrena and Frederick Bustard
Ruth S. Bustin
Bruce A. Buxton
Marie and Paul Cabana
Laurence Cable
Richard Cadigan
Roberta L. Cadoret
Lindsey and Andrew Cadot
Leo H. Cain
Majorie M. Cairns
Mary L. Call
Arthur and Dolores Callegari
Joan Camire
June W. Camp
Lori Campbell
Andrew Candelore, D.O.
Eleanor F. Cantu
Ronald and Judith Caouette
Nancy J. Caprio
Levina R. Carette
Barbara A. Carey
Joan J. Carleton
Barbara A. Carlin
Pat Carlista
Nancy and Paul Carlson
Robert Carlson
Susan Carlson
Mark C Carpentier
Rebecca K. Carr
In memory of Roger Sabin
Eugene A. Carrier
James and Barbara Carroll
Joan Carroll
Ann Carson
Sandra and Russell Carson
Catherine I. Carswell
Joyce R. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cartier
Elizabeth Cash-Arsenault
Sharon M Castellucci
Milda A. Castner Esquire
Marilyn and Charles Cate
Eleanor S. Catir
Richard J. Catir Sr.
Kathleen Cavanaugh
Nancy A. Chadbourne
Ruth Chadbourne
Joyce Chaisson and Michael Vaughn
Iva N. Chamard
Paul G. Chamberlain
Celine Champagne
Champagne's Energy
Dorothy K. Chaplin
Janet L. Chappell
Albert J. Charlton
Nanette and Lawrence Chern
Chevron Matching Gift Program
Susan Choi
Robert and Sharon Chretien
Virginia Christiansen
Stanley Christianson and Helen N. Howland
Cynthia T. Churchill
Marcia Chute
Cecelia L. Cierpich
Ellen Cihiwsky and Thom Hieronymus
In honor of Phil Cihiwsky
Peter S. Cinelli
Dorothy H. Clark
Kathryn A. Clark
Laurence E. Clark III
Paddy Clark
Norma F. Clark
Richard W. Clark
Gordon Clarke
Nancy N. Clayburgh
Patricia and Wayne Cleaves
Christine W. Clemons
Esther B. Clenott
Dot Cleveland*
Norman and Sylvia Cloukey
Patricia and Thomas Cluff
Code 250
In memory of Russell Libby
Lynn and Thomas Coffey
Lora E. Coffin
Barbara W. Collamore and Judith Soule
Cornelius J. Collins, Jr.
Olive M. Collins
Richard and Rachel Collins
Thomas Collins
Rhoda Conley
Sarah H. Conley
Lynda Conner
Anne Connolly
Sarah A. Connor
William T. Conway
Catherine S Cook
Doris and Edward Cook
Patricia Cook
Phyllis M. Cooke
Georgiann Cooper
Joseph R. Coppola
In memory of Russell Libby
Ron and Kathie Corbin
Shirley Corse
In memory of Cynthia Rice
B.A. Corson
Kerry Corthell
Jane Cote
Barbara R. Couch
Robert and Anne Coughlan
Rita and Lee Coulton
Roger A. Couture
James D. Coyne
Dr. Lawrence Crane
Robert C. Crane
Richard G. Creighton
Lilllian K. Cremo
Ann H. Crockett
Dr. and Mrs. Roland F. Cronkhite, Jr.
Marcia Crooks
Donna and James Crosbie
Evelyn and Kenneth Crosby
Calista Cross
Elaine L. Cross
In memory of Dorothy “Dot” Cleveland
Gail Cross
Patricia A. Cross
Robert Crotzer
Bunny and Stephen Crowell
Mrs. Robert V. Cullinan
Donna M. Cummings
Marjorie Traub and Bill Cummings
In memory of Rick Hautala
Sue and Michael Currier
Dianne E. Curry
Don and Kathleen Curry
Helen A. Curry
Madeleine and Harris Curtis
Phil and Catharine Curtis
Betty E. Cushman
Susan and Burton Cushman
Mona Dahan
Nancy and Terry Dallaire
Carol Ann Dalton
Claire P. Dame
John Dame
Judith and Sam D'Amico
Sharon Danforth
Florian J. Daniels III
Joseph J. Daniels
Helen Danilewicz
Joyce S. Danis
Clarisse Davis
Jerry and Gretchen Davis
Tom and Alice Davis
Elizabeth B. Davy
Harriet Dawkins
Russell H. Day
Law Offices of Thaddeus V. Day, PLLC
Constance and Charles Dayton
Virginia B. Dayton
In memory of Russell Libby
Mr. and Mrs. L. Daniel Dearborn
Myron B. Deering
Lorraine M. Demmons
Lucille P. Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Deroche
Leo Derosier
Ervin and Sandy Deschaine
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Rose Marie Deschambault
Al and Madeline Deshaies
Madeleine I. Deshaies
John and Iona Desmond
Terry L. Devlin
James Dewitt*
Elaine Dickinson
Jo Dill
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dillihunt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dillion
Sharon E. Dineen
Anne Dinsmore and Edward Hellerbeck
Thomas and Sandra DiPasqua
Dora and John DiRenzo
Mildred A. Dix
Edward W. Doane
Lena B. Dobson
Sophia Dodge
Helen Doheny
Henrietta J. Domingue
Russell L. Donahue Jr. and Margaret S. Haynes
Jackie V. Donovan
Yvonne Dorrity
In memory of Russell Libby
Hillary R. Dorsk
Kathryn C. Doughty
Priscilla Doughty
Ruth A. Doughty
Monson Douglas
Robert L. Dow
Lyn Dowler
Deborah Downs
Sarah Downs
Richard A. Doyle Sr.
Denise Doyon
Paul Doyon
Edward and Charma Drake
Pamela Drew
Waltraud H. Drouin
Sheila Duane
Therese and Raymond Dube
Leonel DuBois
Carolyn DuEst
Leanne M. Dufour
Barbara Hopkins-Dulac and David J. Dulac
Lloyd and Jean Dunn
Shelley E. Dunn
Debra and William Dunn
Anne Dunne
Thelma W. Dunning
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Durkee
In memory of Dorothy “Dot” Cleveland
Linda Dutremble
Pam Dutremble
Carl and Sharon Dutton
Betty S. Dyer
Lucy and Philip Dyer
Virginia L Dyke
Burton Eastman
Martha and John Eaton
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Clarence and Veronica Eaton
Dorothy and Albert Edson
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Edwards
Rupert A. Edwards
Francis E. Egan
Vivien Eisenhart
Peter and Susan Eliot
Emily and Frank Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ellis
Helen G. Elwick
Joan Emerson
Mary Lou Emmons
Dorothy Emond
Barbara and Burton Epstein
Maurice A. Erickson Sr.
Richard and Mary Erickson
Victor and Elaine Esposito
Karine J. Ettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans
Lois K. Everett
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Theresa Faherty
Roy and Maryllyn Fairfield
Richard and Helen Farnsworth
Grace Farr
Rachel A. Farrington
Ann E. Farstad
Elodie and David Faulkner
Phyllis and Hubert Favreau
John Fay
Terry and Jack Fay
Stanley and Delora Fearon
Donald and Michelle Fecteau
Joanne Fedorocko
Dorothy Feeney
Howard Feller
Barbara Feltes
Phyllis A. Fenderson
Patricia Ferguson
Rudolph and Elinor Ferrante
Catherine Ann Ferretti
John Fickett
Jean Fields
Jan and Robert Filgate
Thomas E. Filieo
Constance J. Filleul
Jonathan S. Fillmore
Andrew R. Finger
Virginia and Thomas Finnell
First Congregational Church of North Berwick
First Congregational Church of the UCC
Sheri and Mayer Fistal
In memory of Leon Berkowitz
Shaun and Diana Flaherty
Eileen F. Fleming
Barbara J. Fletcher
Dorothy M. Flye
Dineas and Gordon Fogg
Barbara S. Foley
Joseph Foley
Joseph and Catharine Foley
Barbara and Mark Foley
Donald Fontaine
Linda and John Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ford
Tony and Nancy Forgione
Robert S. Forney
Forsberg Family Living Trust
Patricia A. Forster
Lottie and John Fortune
Marie and Robert Fournier
David A. Francis
Patt Franklin
Mary Lou Fraser
George and Barbara Frederick
Elsa R. Freeman
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Nancy E. Freeman
William Freeman
Mary K. Freitag
Janice Frost
Melanie Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Frost
F. and D. Frye
Bruce R. Fullerton
Ralph and Margaret Furbush
Vincent E. Furey Jr.
Bethelyn S. Fushimi
Gabrielle Gagne
Joanne and Henry Gagne
Ann Gagnon
Lorraine and Donald Gagnon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gagnon
Chester and Hope Galeucia
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gallant
Beverly A. Gammon
Theresa Ganem
Wilfred O. Gardner
Georgette Garneau
Elizabeth K. Garnett
Raymond and Constance Gauvin
Steve and Sue Gefvert
Anthony and Beverly Genovese
Patricia Gentile
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Jane M. Gentry
Peter Gerquest
Jane Gerrish
Keith and Tony Gerry
Sara-Miriam Gibely
Patricia Giddings
Maryanne and Timothy Giggey
Mary E. Gilbert
Francine Gillooly
June H. Gilpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mr Ginn
Esther Ginsberg
Carmen and Albert Girard
Robert and Sonia Glidea
Diane and Jim Gloriant
Robert and Lea Gobeil
Christiane Godbout
John J. Godfrey CLU
Nancy and Edward Godin
Antoinette Going
Mary Golden
Judith M. Golin
Nancy and Gregory Goodspeed
Rosemary and Paul Gordon
Joan and Richard Gordon
Robert Gosselin
Kristin and L. Scott Gould
Christopher R. Gowell
Philly Grabarz
Joan and George Graham
Beverly E. Grant
Constance E. Grant
Edward F. Grant
Gloria M. Grant
Norwood Grant and Linda Laverriere
Joanne M. Green
In memory of Russell Libby
Jonathan and Catherine Greenawalt
Priscilla Greene
Thelma and Leonard Greenlaw
Nancy J. Greska
Susan and Robert Grondin
Donald and Dorothy Grosset
James and Pamela Grumbach
Florence A. Guidi
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Donna Guilmain
Mary Jane Gulcher
Nancy Gulliver
Roger and June Guptill
Rosemary M. Guptill
Albert Hagen
Barbara H. Hall
Jennie Hall
Pauline and Reginald Hall
Charlene and Richard Hall
Rosalie Halligan
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Rebecca and Edward Hamblin
Jill and Jon Hamilton
Arline and Wilfred Hamilton
Rita M. Hammond
Mark and Gayle Hand
Dorothy E. Handlon
Gail Hannon
Norman and Sandra Hanscom
Bruce A. Hansen
Florence P. Hansen
Georgia and Bud Hanson
Roger and Mary Hanson
Jay Harbaugh
Marsha M. Hardy
Sylvia S. Harkins
Carl and Mary Harmon
Elsie E. Harmon
Peggy and James Harmon
Karen Harrell
Anne L. Harriman
Jean F. Hart
Carol and Thomas Haskell
Prudence Hasty
Christina Hatch
George and Virginia Hatch
Joan and James Hatch
Dorothy I. Hatties
Jane Havu
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Hawkes
Martha L. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Hay
Sally A. Hayden
Samuel Hayes
Alberta and Nelson Haynes
Valerie K. Healey
Prudence J. Heard
Sheila Heatley
John A. Heggeman
Warren and Helen Heidelbaugh
In memory of Thomas Carter
Richard and Diane Herman
Waltrud Herman
Jean T. Hermann
Barbara P. Herrgesell
Martha and Michael Hersey
Phyllis L. Hetzler
Elaine and Douglas Heuiser
Frances G. Hickey
Gertrude A. Hickey
Carmalita Higgins
Mark Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Hill
Gloria A. Hilsin
Janice W. Hilton
Ann Hinderer
Varney Hintlian
Mary and John Hirschauer
Senator Barry J. Hobbins
Pamela M. Hobson
Merryl and Don Hodgson
Ms. Nancy N. Hogan
Janet Hoitt
Linda and R. Michael Hoitt
Carol A. Holmberg
Robert and Linda Holmes
Rodman W. Holmes
Tony Holt
Barbara and John Holt
Patricia Holt
Home Partners LLC
Home Support Services, LLC
Carolyn N. Homer
Clifford and Jane Hoover
Bruce and Marion Hopkins
Jeannette and Peter Hopkins
In memory of Rick Hautala
Nancy E. Horn
Mary Houy
Fred Howard Jr.
Nancy Howard
Helen N. Howland
Virginia Huebner
Cynthia Hughes
Marcia M. Hughes
Marshall and Audrey Hughes
Nan S. Hughes
Sylvia and Donald Hunt
H. Draper Hunt
Janet L. Huot
Barbara A. Hussey
Stephen and Cynthia Hutchins
Frank and Carolyn Hutchinson
Maureen M. Hyslop
Suzanne D. Iatesta
Murray Ingraham
JoAnn B. Innis
Wayne C. Ireland
Eugene L. Irish
Lois L. Irving
Aline and Walter Irving
Helen R. Isenman
Jeanne L. Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
Marjorie A. Jamback
Hanna Jane
In memory of Henry Aplington
Simonne B. Janelle
Herb and Kathleen Janick
Lucille Janowski
Edward and Anne Jazdzewski
Kathleen Jeanos
Frank J. Jedrychowski
Martha Jenkins
Josephine and Bruce Johansen
Evelyn P. Johnson
George and Ann Johnson
Helen Johnson
Margaret R. Johnson
Robert A. Johnson and Diana Crader Johnson
Roger and Suzanne Johnson
Theresa E. Johnson
Margie and Warren Johnson
Bruce and Marjorie Johnston
Dorothy and Gordon Johnston
Nanciann Jones
Jean Jordan
John and Lucille Jordan
Mark H. Jordan
Just Friends, Inc.
Sandra J Kaan
Carole Kainlow
Kathleen D. Kammaerman
Helen Kane
Ann and Douglas Kaplan
Kenneth L. Karofsky
John T. Kavanaugh
Russell and Donna Keenan
James and Mary Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kelley
Lynda and Katherine Kelley
Michael and Anne Kelley
Patricia A. Kelley
Susan H. Kelsey
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Kenney
Barbara A. Keppel
Pamela Kern
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kerwin
John V. Kiely and Joyce E. Leslie
In memory of Rick Hautala
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Kilbride
Dorothy Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Kimball
P. Jefferson and Jennifer Kimball
Anne D. King
Donald J. King
Barbara and William King
Claudia Kinnear
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kinney
In memory of Russell Libby
Martha A. Kinsel
John Kinsella
Constance and David Kinsman
H. Nicholas Kirby
Susan Le Sueur Klaver
Emil F. Klimek
John J. Knapp
Catherine E. Kneeland
Jean G. Knight
Lois W. Knight
Chester and Dorothy Knowles
Gail Knowles
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Kokernak
Emily R. Kopans
Joyce Kovalcik
Cynthia Moulton-Krug and Walter G. Krug
Michael C. Kucsma
Mr. and Mrs. John R. La Fleur
Diane L. Labbe
Joan and Bernard Labonte
Claire Labrie
Gabrielle LaBrun
Brother James LaCasse
Anthony Lacesrtosa
Arlene Lachapelle
Claudia C. Lackee
Stella S. LaCroix
Suzanne C. Lacroix
Mr. and Mrs. Les LaFond
Elizabeth Lagueux
Bill and Marilyn Lairsey
James Lambert
Solange and Gerard Lamontagne
Leo Lamouroux
Helena and Donald Lamson
David Lancaster
Barbara M. Landry
Leo and Mabel Landry
Edmond and Gertrude LaPierre
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry LaPointe
Mary A. Lapomarda
Barbara L. Laprino
Susan and Harold Larrabee
Elsie Laughlin
Raymond Laverriere
Law Offices of Barry J. Hobbins
Joan and Patrick Lawler
Norma M. Lawrence
Marion Lawson
Margaret Lazott
Mary Le Maistre
Ruth and Kenneth Leary
Aline and Merle Leary
Aurella Leblanc
Florence Leblanc
Doris and Richard LeBlanc
Wendy LeBright
Gabrielle LeBrun
Lynelle Leclair
David R. Leddy
Sandra Leduc
Arthur Ledue
Bette P. Lee
John G. Lee
William J. Lee
Ann Leeman
Geraldine E. Leeman
In memory of Dorothy “Dot” Cleveland
Alphee and Judith Lefebvre
Walter Leffler
William and Kathryn Leffler
Peter M. Legere
Lauren R. Lehman
Pauline Leland
George Lemieux
Amy L. Lent
Paul and Janet Letalien
Harriet Levi
Marc and Debbie Levine
A. Vinton Lewis
David and Elaine Lewis
M. Calien Lewis
Olive H. Lewis
Nancy D. L'Heureux
Shirley and Roland L'Heureux
Chase M. Libby
Dawn G. Libby
Glenn S. Libby
Catherine and Roland Liberty
Edwin W. Light
Louise S. Linscott
Patricia S. Linscott
Virginia J. Lippincott
Mr. and Mrs. George Livingston
Robert and Sandra Lloyd
Carol P. Lohman
Helen and Lawrence Lonegan
Renee Longarini
Jeff and Beth Longcope
Yvette L. Loranger
Beatrice Lord
Denise L. Lord
Jane P. Lord
Ms. Keri D. Lord
Donna and Ralph Lorfano Jr.
Ralph Loring
Barbara and Najeeb Lotfey
John and Mary Sue Love
Victor G. Lowatchie
In memory of Phyllis Lowatchie
Karen and Timothy Lucy
Eda A. Lufkin
Boyd and Dawn Lunney
Marcella J. Lurvey
Robert & Katharine Lynn
Joan and J. Roderick Mac Innes
Ann MacAusland
Mac MacBride
Eleanor D. MacKenzie
Loretta MacKinnon
Desislava MacLeod
John D. MacLeod
Arthur MacVane
John and Peggy MacWilliams
Denyse and Carl Maddaleni
Elizabeth Maher
Zenaida Maicas and Judith D. Gaudet
Helen C. Main
Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Richard A. Male
Beverly J. Malick
Avis Malloch
Bob and Nancy Maloy
Connie Manasso
Theresa A. Mancini
Jack and Katharine Mann
Marie B. Mannette
Nancy L. Mansfield
Pearl M. Manzer
Rose Marasco
Patricia R. Marcotte
Gary D. Marshall
Alan and Susan Marston
Linda and Craig Marston
Kathy Marston
Kenneth E. Marston
Arthur Martel
Mr. and Mr. Marcel Martel
James Martell
Constance A. Martin
Julia C. Martin
Katherine A. Martin
Annis and Lloyd Martin Jr.
Patricia Martin
Stephen and Louise Martin
Thomas J. Martin
Mary Martindell
Guy Martini
Mr. and Mrs. James Masi
Sandra J. Masi
Kim and John Massaro
Marion G. Masse
Denise A. Maurais
Madeline K. Maus
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Maynard
Phil Maynard
Sally B. Maynard
Anna M. Mazeiko
Mr. John A. McArdle III and Mrs. Meredith Fisher McArdle
John Z. McArdle
Susan and William McAuliffe
Kim and Jim McBride
Richard McCabe
McCann Fabrication
Marie McCann
In memory of Russell Libby
Robert McCardle
Kathleen McCarthy
Edith M. McCormick
Sam McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory O. McCullough
Robert McDowell
James E. McElroy
Albert J. McEvoy
Richard and Beatrice McGarvey
Elaine G. McGillicuddy
Dorothy McGlincey
Marshall McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. McGuinness
Theresa V. McKenna
Mary Ann McLean
Hope Owen McMahon
Jack and Elaine McMahon
Jean McManamy
Helen McMullen
Claire and Jeffrey McNeely
Paul and Germaine McNutt
Samuel A. McReynolds
Sandra McVicar
Sarah S. Meacham
William and Ann Melaugh
In memory of Dorothy “Dot” Cleveland
Florence and Leo Menard
Frances J. Merrill
Anna and Richard Merriman
Josephine Merryman
Terri Messer
Susan F. Metcalf
Julie and David Metivier
Deborah and Martin Meyers
Shari W. Michals
Persis and Gerard Michaud
Sandra Michaud
Ida Miche
Frank and Nancy Miles
Mill Cove Association
In memory of Janice Malcolm
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Miller
Elizabeth A. Miller
Tina and Bo Miller
In memory of Rick Hautala
Virginia H. Miller
Rosina Millett
Carolyn W. Milley
Karen A. Mills
Elizabeth and Robert Minervino
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Ruth Minihane
Betty A. Mininger
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Minott
Janet Mishoe
Lorraine and Dennis Mitchell
Gloria B. Mitchell
Stephen S. Mitchell
C. Jonathan Mitschele
MaryAnn Molloy
Rita and Thomas Molloy
James and Mary Momna
Lawrence Montague
Marsha and Toby Montgomery
Linda and Thomas Moon
Cheryl L. Moore
Sarah E. Moore, M.D.
Florence M. Moreau
Molly A. Morell
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Moreshead
Ginny (Johnson) Morey
In memory of Rick Hautala
Donald and Judith Morin
Elvi H. Morin
Joanne and Fred Morin
Maureen and Raymond Morin
Mary Morong
Jean B. Morris
Irene and Dick Morris
Susan Morris
Doreen L. Morrow
Tina and Bob Mortimer
Marion D. Moseley
Jane Moses
Catherine and David Mosley
Julie E. Motherwell
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Moulton
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Jennifer and Allen Mozena
Mrs. Jane E. Mucci
Jane Mullen
Arlene and Darrell Murchison
Margaret M. Murphy
Carolyn B. Murray
Ken and Anne Murray
Julie and Mike Murray
John and Pam Murton
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Myers
Patricia M. Nadeau
Marie E. Nathan
Eileen Navarro
Rhea and Richard Neal
Armand R. Neault
Debbie Nelson
In memory of Peter Nelson
Mary and Kenneth Nelson
Linda P. Nelson
New England Family Healthcare
Joan and Dennis Newbanks
Joan Newcomb
David and Linda Newell
E.S. Newlyn and J.E. Robinson
Elizabeth Newman
Dorothy Nichols
Elizabeth S. Nichols
Sue and Ernest Nichols
Carol E. Niles
Beth A. Nitschke
Bill Norman
Yvonne D. Normand
Jeannette Normandeau
Susan Norris
Frances E. Norton
Barbara D. Nucci
Robert and Sheila Nunley
Oak Hill and Dunstan Ace Hardware
Sharon M. Oakes
Jane and William Obermeyer
Edward W. O'Brien
Esther O'Brien
Lana O'Brien
Margaret and Richard O'Brien
Sylvia A. O'Connell
Jeanne L. Oddy
Joan Oddy
Ben A. Odom
Marcia O'Donnell
Adam Ogden and Dennis H. Valliere
Philip R. Ohman
John J. O'Leary
Don and Marion Olen
Anne and Vincent Oliviero
Shawn P. O'Neil
Carol K. O'Neill
Matthew C. O'Reilly
Raymond and Joan O'Reilly
Sally and Kenneth Osborne
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Thomas and Karlene Osborne
Theresa Osbourne
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Daniel A. Ostrowski
Charles and Patricia Otis
Ann C. Ottum
Kenneth L. Overlook
Betsey Pace and Donna Beveridge
Deborah and Robert Page
Cheryl and Stanley Page
Gino and Shirley Pagluica
Marilyn Paige
Gregory and Margaret Palmer
Stephen Palmer
Sandi and Ron Palmquist
Rosalie Paradis
Michael Parent
Frances H. Paris
Mary Steytler Park
Joyce M. Parker
June Parker
Robert S. and Lucile Parker
Ruby B. Parker
Sally E. Parker
Steven and Barbara Parker
Harold and Murielle Parks
Susan and Anthony Parrella
Margot H. Parrot
Dawn L. Parsons
Eileen Partanen
Kerrie K. Pasquale
Sally M. Paterson
Therese and Peter Patten
Rejane R. Patterson
Randolph Paul
Richard and Sylvia Payeur
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Payson
Nancy Peck
Catherine A. Peirce
Sandra and Stephen Pelechowicz
Joyce and William Pelleier
J. Guy and Caroline Peloquin
Lisa Penalver
Linda Pendexter
Lawrence S. Pennell
Irene R. Pepin
DPD Nutrition Consultants, Inc
Peppers Fine Foods Catering
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Patricia C. Perkins
Joyce and Louise Perreault
Lorraine M. Perron
Gloria Perry
Karen L. Perry
Raymond E. Pesola
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Kathleen and Steven Peters
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Kurt N. Petersen
Lois B. Peterson
Sharon and Walter Pettengill
Linda and David Pettis
Susan and Jeff Pettit
Jean and William Petty
Theresa K. Peverada
Jesse and Dorothy Philbrick
Kathleen A. Philbrick
Wilbur and Gail Philbrook
Rachel and Allan Phinney
Michael and Patricia Picard
Suzanne Picard
James and Corinne Pickett
Carol J. Piecuch
Alan and Jane Piecuch
Clyde W. Pierce
Kenneth Pierce
Rae and Philip Pierce
Nancy Pike
Charles E. Pinette
Pauline M. Pinkos
Arlene Piper
Louis V. Pirone
Michael Pizzo and Maria Trivellin
Leonice and Peter Pizzo
Gary Ploff, Gary Senecal and Edward LaRose
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Gayle and John Plummer
Kathy and Peter Plummer
Nancy and Gail Poch
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Mark Poirier
Sarah-Jane Poli
Marie and Louis Pomerleau
Anne C. Pomroy
Robert and Mary Pons
Janie G. Poodry
Muriel A. Poulin
Charles L. Powers
Patricia K. Powers
David and Jo Ann Pratt
Christine R. and William F. Pratt
Carol and Michael Prejean
Susan and David Price
Cheryl and John Price
William L. Pride
Claire Provencher
Yelizaveta Prudovskaya
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pullen
Patricia B. Quinlan
Dawn E. Quinn
Harold A. Radochia
Robert and Dorothy Rand
Clifford and Harriet Randall
Sue Ellen Randall
Patricia and Per Randby
Dana and David Ranta
Elinor Ravesi
John A. Re
William J. Reagan
Marianne Reali
Amy Reardon
Claire and Kenneth Recker
Mrs. Dorsey L. Redshaw
Colleen G. Reed
Penelope Reilly
Paul and Janine Reny
Joyce A. Reynolds
Elaine Ribeiro
Yolande Ricaux
Eileen Ricci
Edna and Erroll Rice
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Judith M. Rice LCSW
Flora and Allan Richardson
Nelda M. Richardson
Claudia and Scott Richardson
Thomas L. Richardson
Gerald Riddle
Linda D. Ridlon
In memory of Moxie Ridlon
Jeanne and Edward Rielly
In memory of Rick Hautala
Arlene Ritchie
Ronald and Dolores Ritter
James J. Rivers
Dorothy Rizzon
Richard and Linda Roberge
Lois S. Roberson
Bonnie Roberts
Sharon L. Roberts
Colan M. Robinson
Edward and Jackie Robinson
Elliot Robinson
Nancy W. Robinson
Maureen E. Roche
Karin Rock
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Edna M. Rodgers
Fred W. Rogers
Marion L. Romano
Ellen Rooney
Linda L. Ross
Hannah and Dan Rothermel
Sandra M. Rothman
David R. Rowden M.D.
Priscilla Rowe
Donald and Arlene Roy
Dick and Barbara Roy
Nancy and Leo Ruel
Christine and Winston Ryan
Judy and Haresh Sabnani
Evelyn M. Salamone
Katherine and Alphonse Sampson
Anita Samuelsen
Anita Sanborn
Robert R. Sanchez
John J. Sanders
John Santos
Eleanor L. Sapko
Edward Joseph Sappet
Carole and Robert Sargent
William and Marilyn Sarty
In memory of Russell Libby
Karen and John Saucier
Therese H. Saucier
David Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Alden Sawyer, Jr.
Chuck Sawyer
Nancy and Stephen Sawyer
William and Pamela Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Saxton
Jacqueline Scarlata
Mary Alice Schassberger
Debbie Schettino
Loraine and Howard Scholtz
Phyllis V. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Schwartz
Charles and Joanne Scontras
David and Clarice Scotton
Mrs. William Searle
Doris B. Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Secord
Marie and Seth Seder
Florence Seidel
E. Selfridge
Joyce Seligman
Rorick Sellers
John and Suzanne Serber
Jim and Dianne Seward
Justin Sharaf
Mr. and Mrs. Cal Shattuck
Janice Shaw
Joan Sheedy
Wardwell Home for the Aging, Inc.
Charles and Linda Sherman
Vivian Shirley
Ellen K. Shockro
Shop 'n Save
Leo Simanonok
Stephen P. Simonds
Norma Simpson
Dianne Sinclair
Rosemary and Robert Skidgel
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Skillings
James and Shirley Slidelinger
Winifred Y. Slocum
Diana and Stanley Slowinski
Arthur Small
David and Betty Small
Harriette Small
Susan S. Small
Mary Leigh Smart
Alice and Dennis Smith
Constance A. Smith
Ralph and Betty Smith
Jane Ann Smith
Jane O. Smith
Rachel Smith
Jonas Smith
Peggy and Ben Smith
In memory of Cynthia Rice
Margaret and Norman Smith
Carol and Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Todd Smith
Robert and Paula Smithson
Everett and Alma Smyth
Ellen B. Snyder
Daniel B. Sobel
Alicia and Mounir Soliman
Susan Sommers
Gundegard Sornberger
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Souliere
Carol Spalding
Paula and David Sparks
Barbara A. Spaulding
Laird and Joyce Spaulding
Timothy Spaulding
Fran and Lee Spechts
Elizabeth Spector
Raymond Spencer
Susanne A. Spencer
Nancy F. Spooner
Georgette and Edwin Sprague
Carole L. Spruce
Robert and Rose Spulick
Dr. Burton E. Squires Jr.
Trish and Emile St. Andre
In memory of Cynthia Rice
St. Aspinquid Lodge
Edward J. St. Jean
Ronald St. Saviour
Lois Stailing
Standish Congregational Church, UCC
Rachel Standley
Carolyn L. Stanhope
In memory of Sidney Halligan
Michael and Nancy Stare
Susan R. Starr
Bernadette and John Sterling
Vicky and Brian Stevens
Marian Stevens
Cathy Stevens
Willard H. Stevens
Joan Stevenson
Phoebe Ann Stewart
Denise and Joel Stilphen
Phyllis J. Stimpson
Diane M. Stone
Dorothy R. Stone
Barbara Stonesifer
Patricia Storer
Glenice and David Stover
Gloria K. Stover
Jeanne Marie and James Stringos
Anna and Warren Strout
Claire and Bob Studley
Darrel Sturgeon
Kristine E. Sullivan**
Judith and Peter Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Swan
Allen A. Swenson
Marjorie and Glendon Swett
Rita Swidrowski
Barbara M. Sydleman
Terence J. Sylvanus
Richard J. Szatkowski
Elizabeth Taitt
Denise A. Talbot
Anne Taliento
Evelyn Tarantino
Ernest A. Tarbox Jr.
Rachel and Raymond Tardif
Ronald and June Tardif
In memory of Gerard and Anne Tardif
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Tarkinson Jr.
Deborah Taylor
Donna Dee Taylor
Georgia Taylor
Jacqueline C. Tayman
Patricia A. Tevanian
The Prudential Matching Gifts Center
Bernice Theriault
Stephen Thibeault
Mary Thibodeau
Linden Thigpen Pavloff and George Pavloff
Sandra L. Tholl
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Thomas
Katherine and Melvin Thomas
Myrtle I. Thomas
Elizabeth R. Thompson
Charlene and Franklin Thompson
Gard Thompson
Hall Thompson
Dr. Philip Thompson
Victoria Thompson
John C. Thomsen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Thrall
Margaret Thumm
Jane E. Thurlow
Charlotte Tibbetts
Dot Tibbetts
Lorraine J. Tiedemann
Carroll Tiernan
Gabrielle N. Tilton
Elizabeth and George Tinkham
Claire E. Towsey
William and Mary Tracy
Robert Traill, Jr.
Thomas Travers
Ann Tripp
Genevieve C. True
Sandra Tucker
Nicole and Bill Turkewitz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Turner
Betty H. Umbel
UNUM Retiree Group
Mirriam G. Urban
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Usher
Bob and Sheila Usinger
Jane M. Vachon
David Vail
Patricia A. Van Der Woude
Joan S. Van Dorn
Phyllis Vansandt
Carrie B. Varney
John and Anne Varney
Kathryn A. Vaznis
Paul and Claire Verreault
Albert N. Vining Jr.
Norma E. Virgie
Virginia and Arthur Voter
Kathryn and William Wadland MD
Howard Waig
Richard Waitzkin
June and Allan Walch
John H. Walkenford
Mr. and Mrs. Irving E. Wallace
Ed and Janice Walsh
Patrick and Karen Walsh
Rosaria and John Walsh
Linda S. Walton
Linda A. Walz
Erwin C. Warren
In memory of Yvette Warren
Janie S. Waterhouse
Mary Watson
Roberta Watson
William E. Weatherbie
Claude and Joline Webber
Jean and John Webster
John and Gail Webster
Judith and Alton Wedberg
Anita S. Weiner
Jeanette Welch
Jill D. Welch
Lucille E. Wentworth
Philip and Barbara Wentworth
Bradley G. Wescott Sr.
Westbrook Memorial Post 197 American Legion
Cynthia and Thomas Weston
Nancy and Gary Wetzel
Joanne Wheeler Fishman
In memory of Alan Fishman
James Whipple
Maryellen and David White
Barbara and Don White
Diane Whiteside-Peck
Ms. Diane J. Whitmore
Mary Jane Whitney
Philip and Doreen Whitney
Susan S. Whitney
Wendell R. Whitten
Judith and Henry Wickham
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Wilcox
Timothy E. Wilkins
Anna and Tom Willey
Isabelle and Parker Williams
Patricia A. Williams
Ann W. Williamson
Deborah D. Williamson
Nancy M. Wills
Doris and Angus Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson
Dave Wilson and Chips LaBonte
Pauline and Frank Wilson
Gilbert and Flora Wilson
Roger Wilson
Kathleen** and Richard Wohlenberg
Adin and John Wolfgram
Jeanne and Barry Wolfson
Womens Fellowship of West Newfield
Cynthia A. Wood
Eugene and Yvonne Wood
Robert and Anne Wood
Norma Woodard
Audrey and Herbert Woodbrey
Evelyn and John Woodbury
Roy L. Wooldridge
Elizabeth Worthen
Oliver N. Woshinsky
Mr. and Mrs. N.C. Wren
Harriet Wright
Betty Wurtz
Eileen L. Wyatt
In honor of Priscilla Greene
Mrs. Adelheid Xaphes
Judith and Robert Yandow
Geraldine and William Yates
Paulette M. York
Peggy A. York
Craig and Judy Young
Charles Young
Elaine and Aris Zazopoulos
Diane L. Zglobicki
Lynne Zimmerman
Leah Zuch
Linda and Michael Zweigoron

Rozina Brulotte
Kerry Corthell
Iva B. Johnson
Bill Keniston
Bonnie L. Muir

The Southern Maine Agency on Aging would like to thank the following people who made gifts in memory of loved ones during the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2013.


Jeanette Anderson
Christian Anderson

Henry and Margaret Aplington
Hanna Jane

Adrian Asherman
Ellen Asherman

Leon Berkowitz
Sheri and Mayer Fista

Selma W. Black
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Osher
Scott M. Black Family Fund

Margaret A. Carey
Margaret C. Foster

Thomas Carter
Anne C. Emidy
Warren and Helen Heidelbaugh

Dorothy “Dot”  Cleveland
Nancy Alexander
Elaine L. Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Durkee
M.C. Hothem  D.O., P.A.
Geraldine E. Leeman
JoAnn McPhee
William and Ann Melaugh
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Moody, Jr.
Moody's Collision Centers
Colette M. Sirois
The Waldron Motor Group LLC

Buck and Georgette Cote
Dianne C. Cote

James DeWitt
Carrie G. Yardley

Carrie M. Dyer
Karen L. Peterson and the staff at Travelers Insurance Co., Westbrook, ME

Elizabeth Leonard Fallon                                                        

Our family pets
Kim Williams

Alan Fishman

Bob Goldman
Constance D. Goldman

Sidney James Halligan
Patricia L. Brandenberger
Cheryl and Walter Deegan
Martha and John Eaton
Lucy A. Flynn
Elsa R. Freeman
Patricia Gentile
Ann and Jim Halligan
Jere Halligan and Michael Moore
Rosalie Halligan
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Moulton
Peppers Fine Foods Catering
Raymond E. Pesola
Kathleen and Steven Peters
Barbara and John Pioneau
Gary Ploff, Gary Senecal and Edward LaRose
Nancy and Gail Poch
Marian Rabe
Karin Rock
Carolyn L. Stanhope
The Zeff Family: Dana, Julie, Asher and Abel

Rick Hautala
Elana M. Brink
Louise and Bob Brown
Marjorie Traub and Bill Cummings
Jeannette and Peter Hopkins
John V. Kiely and Joyce E. Leslie
Tina and Bo Miller
Ginny (Johnson) Morey
Jeanne and Edward Rielly

Virgil C. Hawkes
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hawkes
Evelyn E. Hawkes

Faith Hogan                                                                           
Rep. George W. Hogan Sr.

Eugene C. Kelley Jr.                                                              

Russell Libby                                                                         
Code 250
Joseph R. Coppola
Virginia B. Dayton
Yvonne Dorrity
Joanne M. Green
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kinney
Marie McCann
William and Marilyn Sarty

Phyllis Lowatchie                                                                    
Victor G. Lowatchie

Janice Malcolm                                                                      
Mill Cove Association

Jesus of Nazareth 2 Cor 10:18                                               

Cynthia P. Rice                                                                      
Darryl and Sheldon Blais
Shirley Corse
Ervin and Sandy Deschaine
Florence A. Guidi
Elizabeth and Edward Larlick
Elizabeth and Robert Minervino
Sally and Kenneth Osborne
Theresa Osbourne
Edna and Erroll Rice
Peggy and Ben Smith
Trish and Emile St. Andre

Dorothy and Kenneth Ricker                                                
Diane Ricker


Geraldine Roberts
Priscilla Jacques and her children: Jamie, Pam, Brenda, Christina, Wendy, Loree and Edward

Roger Sabin
Rebecca K. Carr

Edgar "A for Nothing" Spencer
Jonathan Lieber

Gerard and Anne Tardif
Ronald and June Tardif

Those Souls Lost at Sandy Hook
Judy Anne Doyer

Paul Tyrus
Lindsay and Carol Copeland

Yvette Warren
Erwin C. Warren


Southern Maine Agency on Aging would like to thank the early supporters of our Campaign to Create a Better Day.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Brady, Ph.D.**
David and Nancy Brenerman
Maine Center for Elder Law, LLC
Mr. Charles J. de Sieyes MD and Ms. Carol Ward

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in these lists. If your name has been misspelled, omitted or improperly listed, please accept our apologies and contact the Development Office at (207) 396-6590 so we may correct our records.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to all who gave this year and to those who have been so generous and loyal over many years.

**SMAA Board
***Community Development Block Grant



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