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Senior Games

Hot Shot & Foul Shooting

  1. Events: Men’s and Women’s
  2. Hot Shot Rule
    • The 90 second competition starts at the half court line
    • There will be two¬† 90 second¬† turns and your scores combined to determine the winners
    • Players must rebound and dribble from one shooting spot to another
    • There are 5 spots to shoot from including a three pointer.
    • Each player is permitted to score two lay-ups (two points)
    • Anyone shooting at all 5 spots (regardless of whether they go in) will get a bonus of 5 points
  3. Foul Shooting
    • Each player will receive 5 practice shots
    • After the practice, players will shoot two rounds of 15 shots
    • The highest combined score wins!
    • 20 seconds allowed for each shot
    • If you go over the foul line before the ball hits the rim, the shot will not count (violation)

Saturday September 14th, 2014 at 3:00PM
Cape Elizabeth High School
345 Ocean House Road
Cape Elizabeth

Event Coordinator: Sabrina Best