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Maine Senior Games


• Cycling events are: 5K Timed, 10K Timed, 20K and 40 K

• Athletes may only enter one of the timed trials ( 5 or 10)

• The 40K will be the first event followed by the 20K.

• The 5K and the 10K will follow the 20 and 40 with the 10k first followed immediately by the 5K.

• Timed trials will be at one minute intervals

• Riders must have a Bib number in order to compete (same number for all races)

• Cyclists must provide their own bicycles and helmets (helmets

• Cyclists qualifying in either the 5k or 10K time trials may enter both time trail events at Nationals.

• Cyclists qualifying in either the 20K or 40K road races may enter both races at Nationals.

• Medals are awarded for the top three finishers in each race in each age division and ribbons for fourth place.

• Route for the 5K: Go to the end of the road and bear right. Take a right at the stop sign and continue until the River Road. Take a right onto River Road and continue until the stop sign. Take a right onto Arundel Road and back to KBC. 2 Loops

•Route for the 10, 20, 40K: Continue for 3.4 miles on the Arundel Road. At the stop sign take a right onto Old Post Road (turns into Sinott Road) some maps may not call it Old Post Road. At the end of the Sinott Road take a right onto Log Cabin Road. Take the very next right onto Arundel Road. 10K 1 loop, 20K 2 loops, 40K 4 loops.

• 2014 is a qualifying year for the 2015 National Senior Games.

Sunday, September 7th, 2014
Kennebunkport Bicycle Company (KBC)
34 Arundel Road, Kennebunkport
Event Coordinator: Brian Johnson
9:00 am 40K
11:30 am 20K
1pm 10K/5K