Maine Senior Games

Candlepin Bowling

• Events: Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed doubles (may not compete in both doubles event)

• Bowlers will be competing in their own age division

• Athletes are encouraged to bring your own shoes and bowling balls although shoes will be available.

• Lanes will be assigned by the event coordinator

• Tournament will be based on scratch scores

• Three games will be bowled and winners are determined by the
total pins of the three games.

• A tie will be determined by a one game play off

• Awards to the top four places in each event and age division and
ribbons for fourth place.

• Lunch may be purchased at the lanes

• This is not a National Senior Games event.

Candlepin Bowling Records (PDF)

September 18th, 2014
The Big 20 Bowling Center
382 U.S. Route 1
Singles 10:00am Doubles 1:00pm
Event Coordinators: Dianne Oakes & Jo Ann McPhee